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Event pricing will always be based on size and logistics of events.

However, there are two different methods of determining pricing.

1) Contracted by organizer - organizer pays a flat fee for event coverage.
-  Average coverage rate is $100 per hour - times agreed upon in advance.
- The organizer gets CD's or transfers of images and full print /usage rights.
- The organizer controls the distribution of the photo downloads & prints.
- This is typically the lowest cost per shot pricing alternative.

2) Supported by the organizer only
- Attendees & public pay a per shot price for the shots they choose
- All shots are downloaded and/or printed from this website
      - Average print prices are between $13-$15 for 4x6 to 8x10 (+ shipping).
      - Digital downloads and other photo products are all available as well.
- There is no cost to the organizer (other than shots specifically purchased).
- The organizer has no rights to use or reproduce shots unless individually purchased.
- This alternative is a slightly higher cost per shot choice for the customers.

For charity events such as golf tournaments, I have a modified pricing structure for both alternatives - with percentages of the proceeds going to the charity. Contact me for details.

Click "Contact Me" link at top of page with any questions you may have!


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